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British Bren Mk3 Parts Kits

These kits are meticulously de-milled and undoubtedly the nicest torch-cut Bren kits to be imported. The charging handle slot was not cut, nor was the barrel trunnion, making for an easy re-weld. Internal slag is very minimal! Each kit includes a fully de-milled receiver, a live surplus barrel, a de-milled barrel, and a 30rd magazine. From the kits we examined, the receiver and lower have matching numbers; however, this is not guaranteed. The condition of these kits ranges from good to very good, with the receivers retaining most of their original finish, as does the lower. The lower, barrel, and magazine may still have a layer of cosmoline. As with all parts kits, there may be small parts like pins/springs missing or unserviceable due to the de-milling process. Unfortunately, during transport from Europe, many of the pistol grips were damaged; they may be cracked, split, or broken. Apex Gun Parts offers excellent condition original grips (SKU: FUR-7561; yes, they’ll work with a Mk3).

Bren Mk3 History

The British Mk3 “Para Bren” made its debut in 1944 as a modified version designed specifically for paratroopers and jungle warfare. This compact and lightweight iteration played a significant role in various engagements throughout history. It served valiantly in conflicts across the globe, such as the Malaysian Emergency and Mau Mau operations during the 1950s, the Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation and Congo operations in the 1960s, and even saw action in the Falklands and Gulf Wars (after being converted to a 7.62 caliber). After a long and distinguished service, it was officially retired from the British Army in 1994 and the Irish Defense Forces in 2006.

Check out Bloke on the Range’s video below about these great light machine guns!

*The magazine will be riveted for high-capacity ban states. There is no extra fee for this service.

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3 reviews for Bren Mk3 Parts Kit

  1. Jason Ferfecki (verified owner)

    As described

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Recommend this parts kit to anyone who wants a deactivated LMG for their militaria collection. Very easy to reassemble, requiring only basic filing and refinishing, much less hassle than other parts kits I have worked with in the past. No bipod included but I was able to find one at a reasonable price from another source. Thank you very much!

  3. Bryan (verified owner)

    Very Satisfied, Thanks!

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