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Russian PPSH-41 Parts Kit


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WW2 Russian PPSh-41 Parts Kits

These kits were kept in Soviet storage for decades and will have a layer of cosmoline on them. Each kit comes with a 35-round magazine. Dates on the receivers range from 1944 to 1945. These kits may have the manufacturer's mark intact. We offer a hand-select option to guarantee intact manufacturer and date stamps. The condition of these kits ranges from NRA grade fair to good, with some in very good condition available only through the hand-select option. Stocks may have flaking shellac, varnish, or cracks that do not impact function. Unlike other kits on the market, these PPSh-41s offer complete original stocks and have only three demill cuts.

About the Russian PPSh-41

The history of the Soviet PPSh-41, affectionately known as the "Papasha," dates back to its debut in 1941. This legendary submachine gun gained widespread recognition for its outstanding performance and compact design. It became a mainstay of Soviet forces during World War II, showcasing its rapid-fire capabilities on numerous battlefields. Beyond its crucial role in the Second World War, the PPSh-41 remained relevant in subsequent conflicts, making appearances in the Vietnam War and other significant engagements around the world. Even after its official service period, the PPSH-41 found its way into the hands of various forces and guerrilla groups, making it an iconic symbol of wartime weaponry.

We offer the following optional services for these kits:

  • Hand Select Very Good Condition - NRA rated VG kit or better. (OUT OF STOCK)
  • Intact Maker & Date Stamp - We hand select you a kit with the intact manufacturer's stamp and date code. Stamps may vary, you can see come examples here:
  • Clean and Degrease Metal Parts - All metal parts get scrubbed and cleaned with industrial grade degreaser.
  • New 9mm Barrel (10.6in) - Same barrel we offer separately here.
  • Extra 35rd stick magazines and 72rd drum magazines available.

*The magazine will be riveted for high-capacity ban states. There is no extra fee for this service.

Additional information

Weight11 lbs
Dimensions24 × 6 × 4 in

11 reviews for Russian PPSH-41 Parts Kit

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Was overall very happy with the ppsh kit I received and the great customer service!

  2. Michael K. (verified owner)

    Super nice kit! I’m very impressed with the condition of the stock in particular. I don’t think I could have hoped to receive one in such good condition. Shipping was fast and the kit was packaged with care.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect kit, fast shipping, good price.

  4. Dallas J. (verified owner)

    Got the kit within a week, and packaging was good. Condition was great, very happy.

  5. Taylor Andre (verified owner)

    Perfect kit as described! Shipped fast and was well packaged

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    No way it could be in better shape unless you had a Time Machine. Who ever torched cut these had a very particular set of skills.

  7. Kimble Kim (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing parts kit. All the numbers match! All the springs and pins are still good.

  8. Thornton H. (verified owner)

    Great condition, fast shipping.

  9. Ryan (verified owner)

    Kit was in great condition, packaged well, and shipped fast!

  10. Scott (verified owner)

    Kits are in amazing shape. Demils are cuts almost surgical and will make for great projects. Both my kits were Russian, crest was removed with light torch hit but other markings remain. Best PPSH deal on the market!

  11. Tyler T. (verified owner)

    Great kit, cuts are in better spots on these compared to others I looked at first. Boxed well, cleaned up easy, and shipped quick

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