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Finnish DP27 Parts Kit


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Finnish Capture DP27 (DP28) Parts Kits

These kits originate from the arsenals of Finland's Ministry of Defense and have remained in storage since World War II. These particular kits were captured by Finland during the Winter War and Continuation War against the USSR within the WWII timeframe. After capture, the Finns added some unique features, notably the buttstock, which removed the sustained fire monopod hole and, in some cases, removed the oil bottle. They also added a ribbed barrel. The Finnish forces rendered these kits non-functional while in storage by welding the barrel, trigger sear, and magazine cover. However, the welds are easily accessible and can be cut out. Overall, these are fantastic pieces to build into a display or legal firearm. Kits may be packed in cosmoline/grease. As with all parts kits, there may be small parts like pins/springs missing or unserviceable due to the de-milling process. Receivers and barrels are de-milled. We offer two different grades; please read the description for each to know what you're purchasing.

Grade A (OUT OF STOCK): These kits will have brighter wood, include a bipod, and have a de-mill cut before the barrel release button. Includes (1) 47rd pan magazine.

Grade B: These kits will typically feature darker wood, do not include a bipod, and have a de-mill cut after the barrel release button. Includes (1) 47rd pan magazine.

DP27 History

Adopted by the Soviets in 1928, the Degtyaryov held its place as a crucial light machine gun within the Red Army's arsenal throughout World War II. Its significance extended further as it was seized in substantial numbers by the Finns during the Winter and Continuation Wars, also provided to the Chinese, who wielded it against the Japanese and later in conflicts like Korea. Surprisingly, its presence persisted, with instances of its deployment observed as recently as 2011 during the uprising against Muammar Gaddafi and the current Russo-Ukrainian War.

*The magazine will be riveted for high-capacity ban states. There is no extra fee for this service.

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Weight25 lbs

Grade A, Grade B

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