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1928A1 Thompson Parts Kit


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1928A1 Thompson Parts Kit

A classic firearm from the roaring '20s that is renowned across the globe. These saw service with police and military units since their inception and can still be found on the battlefields in Ukraine today. These were British-issued 1928A1 Thompsons that were stashed away in Europe since WWII. Each kit may vary in barrel and sights; demilled cuts may vary, but trunnions are all cut the same and still completely usable. There are five kits pictured, showing what to expect for an average kit. Original forend, pistol grip, and stripped buttstock – forend may have repairs or cracks. Most of the kits are NRA fair to good, but we offer optional services below to ensure you get something you like. These make for great displays or legal rebuilds and are a straightforward build process with many community-written guides. Like all the great guns of the last century, these are becoming increasingly rare and harder to find, so now is a great time to add one to your collection while they are still available.

We offer the following optional services for these kits:

  • Upgraded Forend - Replacement British issued forend with no cracks and in good condition.
  • Hand Select Matching – Matching numbers on the receiver and trigger frame.
  • Rear Barrel Stub Removal – Let us handle the hard work of removing the barrel stub for you. These are notorious for being difficult to remove without the right tools. The stub is discarded after removal and will not be included with the kit.


*While we strive to offer the best, please keep in mind that, like all parts kits, there might be some missing or unserviceable parts.


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