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PPSH-41 Barrel – 9mm


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These PPSh-41 barrels are chambered in the more popular and inexpensive 9mm (9x19, Luger), serving as high quality replacements for the increasingly difficult to obtain original barrels. They offer a much more affordable shooting experience in 9mm compared to the original 7.62x25 ammunition. These barrels are completely finished, including chambering and profiling, making them ready for installation. The barrel pin slot is initially cut slightly oversized, allowing for easy fitting to your rifle with a file or a Dremel tool for a precise fit. Transitioning from shooting the original 7.62x25 to this 9mm barrel is simple, requiring only a straightforward barrel swap. The bolts remain the same, and the magazines are compatible.

Barrel length is 10.6 inches.

These are perfect for use in our Russian PPSH41 Parts Kits!

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4 reviews for PPSH-41 Barrel – 9mm

  1. Taylor A. (verified owner)

  2. Kevin S. (verified owner)

    This barrel looks great. High quality!

  3. Kimble Kim (verified owner)

    Keep in mind this is longer than the factory barrel.

  4. Anthony (verified owner)

    Great company would definitely recommend purchasing from appArms.😁

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